What can an IP address tell you?

Whenever you visit a website, it is your browser communicating with a web server. Your browser knows what server to talk to by taking the domain name, e.g. mail.google.com, and asking a DNS server for the associated IP address. This IP address will tell the browser where to send its network traffic to.

Let’s see what that looks like:

❯ nslookup mail.google.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      6s
Non-authoritative answer:
mail.google.com canonical name = googlemail.l.google.com.
Name:   googlemail.l.google.com

This translates to:

what’s the IP address for mail.google.com ?

it’s the same as for googlemail.l.google.com !

OK, so what’s the IP address for googlemail.l.google.com?

it’s !

What does my IP address say?
What does my IP address say?

Every computer that’s connected to the internet needs to be able to this kind of interaction (which is called a DNS lookup). These IPv4 addresses are a sequence of 4 bytes (4 x a number between 0 and 255), and so the total number of possible addresses is 2^32 or about 4.2 billion. (there is also IPv6, there is NAT, proxies and reverse proxies, but let’s not make things too complicated.)

Now, if you know that IP address of a web server, what can you tell from that, without even connecting to it?

IP lookup

You could do a reverse DNS lookup:

❯ nslookup
Non-authoritative answer:      name = ams17s12-in-f5.1e100.net.

Because of the predictable way Google names its servers, you could deduce that the server in question is located in Amsterdam, which makes sense because it’s close to where I am (Brussels, BE). Not every hosting company will have the same logic of server naming. E.g. this website is hosted on Github Pages, and comes from an IP address like A reverse lookup of this address gives cdn-185-199-108-153.github.com. This makes one none the wiser.

IP geolocation

An IP info API like ipinfo.io will tell you more about the location and the owner of the IP address:

❯ curl ipinfo.io/
"ip": "",
"hostname": "ams17s12-in-f5.1e100.net",
"city": "Amsterdam",
"region": "North Holland",
"country": "NL",
"loc": "52.3740,4.8897",
"org": "AS15169 Google LLC",
"postal": "1012",
"timezone": "Europe/Amsterdam",
"readme": "https://ipinfo.io/missingauth"

IP reputation

An IP Reputation API will tell you what the reputation is of (the company behind) that range of IP addresses.

❯ curl -s ipqualityscore.com/api/json/ip/[KEY]/
"success": true,
"message": "Success",
"fraud_score": 75,
"country_code": "US",
"region": "California",
"city": "Mountain View",
"ISP": "Google",
"ASN": 15169,
"organization": "Google",
"is_crawler": false,
"timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
"mobile": false,
"host": "ams17s12-in-f5.1e100.net",
"proxy": true,
"vpn": true,
"tor": false,
"active_vpn": false,
"active_tor": false,
"recent_abuse": false,
"bot_status": false,
"zip_code": "N/A",
"latitude": 37.39,
"longitude": -122.08,
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